Free Apps Make Money, Realy?

It may seem counterintuitive, but in a market where most users expect their applications to be free, how the creator of the application closing costs and their benefits after 4-6 months the average time it takes to ship an application?


how do free apps make money without ads

In-app purchases and advertising enables application creators to make money from their free apps. But to make money from free apps, you have to do more than just stick to the premium paid for options or ad in your application. Smart app monetization strategy comes from understanding what revenue generating options available, familiarizing yourself with the market and competition, and increase your knowledge about your audience and business to fulfill the right to be paid the user experience. Here’s what you need to know to make money from free apps you.





An application that utilizes in-app purchases offer a free version of the application that includes additional, optional, paid features. This is often seen in gaming applications where users are encouraged to buy new levels, gear and luggage. types of purchases encourage repeat purchases because they are exhausted, like buying an extra life in Candy Crush Saga.


In-app purchases are also found outside world in applications such as mobile games Calcbot, 1Password, or even Apple Music. This second category in-app purchase lets you continue to use what you buy is not as consumer goods which do not remain as they are accustomed to, such as an extra life in Candy Crush Saga.


Free application that has a component that is paid to provide access to additional features or feature set referred to as “freemium.” There are different ways to approach the freemium app. You can offer a free version of your app by reducing features such as the Calcbot (for example, users can buy the “convert” feature) or even let users try out certain features initially and then locked it behind purchases in applications such as the Apple Music. the latter approach requires more development work but because there is no solution to the test right in the app store.


iOS and Android apps also offer a large selection of auto-renewable subscription in-app purchase. This subscription allows applications to provide content or features on a predetermined time. A good example is our customers FamilySignal, which uses auto-renewable subscriptions on iOS for apps that help families better stay in touch with each other. recurring subscription is particularly useful for applications that have the ongoing costs associated with them, such as maintaining servers or creating new content.o important revenue-focused metrics




In-app ads come in a variety of size, position and placement in mobile applications. The amount of income that you generate from ads in the application are based on the traditional advertising model. Different ads can pay for click-throughs, impressions, the user states is derived from, and ad format, with video tend to be worth more than static ads.


No ad serving network for mobile phones that offers a variety of models and formats in in-app advertising strategy and metrics to track how your ad appears. Hongkiat walk through some big network here, including Google AdMob and Millennial Media.

Focus on User Growth


No matter if your free app relies on in-app purchases or advertisements in applications, only a small percentage of users you will help you generate revenue from your application. That is why the free app you need to grow, a large user base actively so that a small percentage of this actually amounts to a significant income.



It’s important to think about metrics such as tariff free-to-pay conversion, customer lifetime value, churn rates (for a recurring subscription), and comparable items. Andreesen Horowitz recently published guidance for revenue-focused metrics important to help businesses, especially beginners, to identify the most significant metrics to track the health of a company. And John Egan, engineer growth in Pinterest, shows what metrics they look like in a post earlier this year. Without a sharp eye on this metric, you will be ill-equipped to grow your application to the point where the minority of users actually generate revenue.

Tips To Secure Your Php Web Applications

Security is the first and foremost concern of almost every developer on this planet. As we live in the world of high-technology, this has countless benefits and some people use it in a wrong manner. Thousands of websites in all over the world get hacked on the daily basis, some of the hackers do this for fun, some for money but all are not bad because some help to find vulnerabilities.

Developing a site which is 100% secure is an impossible task for any developer no matter how experienced he is. But security is something which you cannot ignore and writing secure PHP code won’t protect your web applications. There are so many other things to consider while developing PHP web applications and some of the following tips will help you to secure it.

Start Hashing Passwords: If you want to secure your PHP web applications so always try to use hashing password. This is because hashing password is one of the best and simple techniques to store unreadable passwords in the database. Most of the developers don’t have any idea that hashes, passwords stored in the database will be useless for a hacker even if they steal them all. It is a very safe technique which is easy to learn and apply. So the next time you choose a password for your web application so always try to use hashing password.

Escape input before using in an SQL statement: Another important tip, which you should remember for securing your PHP web applications, is that you must escape user input to prevent your application from SQL injections. These injections are an attempt made by the hackers to break your security system and if your application allows SQL vulnerability so your site is in danger.

Don’t trust Java script for input validation: Most of the developer’s use Java script for input validation because it is a good idea which helps to improve the user experience but till an extent. You should never really totally on it because it is easy for the hackers to disable it. So never trust Java script complete for input validation.

Do not store unnecessary data: A big mistake done by almost every developer which creates a big risk for PHP web application is that they store unnecessary data which is easy to hack for the hackers. So always try not to store unnecessary data. This helps to prevent hackers from stealing your information and also helps to reduce the size of the database.

All these tips will definitely help you to secure your website from hackers sitting beside you. One more thing you should consider while developing a website always installs software from trusted providers. This will help to secure your web application from the wrong persons.

Benefit Your Business With Joomla Website Development

To succeed on the internet, it’s important to have a well-developed and feature-rich website. And to get such a website, it’s key to select a right platform. And if your business needs a website with ease of building, organizing, managing and publishing content, you need to select a content management system (CMS). As the market is full of such systems, you need to analyze their features and functionalities to select the best from among them.

Joomla is a popular CMS that comes with a scalable MVC architecture to become a favored option of businesses for their development needs. It’s an open source, multilingual CMS platform that offers over 64 languages and gives an option of presenting websites in multiple languages. More so, its easy upgrades and “One Click Version Update” feature gives businesses an opportunity of updating and staying relevant with least possible efforts.

With its ‘Media Manager’ feature, Joomla makes it extremely easy to upload, organize and manage media files and folders. Easy access of images and media files is available so that the written content is boosted with charms and merits. More so, its banner manager gives the feature of adding advertising and monetizing websites. This feature allows setting up campaigns, adding banners as and when needed and winning clients.

Joomla is equipped with search and smart search feature that helps visitors for quick and easy search within the site. This award-winning CMS gives a set of valuable statistics that bring businesses an understanding of visitors’ needs, and also an option of streamlining their content better. Being a content management system, it comes with a whole array of features to turn content editing, managing and organizing an easy task.

With the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor, not only content creation and content editing to become a hassle-free task, but it also gives the options of showcasing different layouts for the content. Using its pre-installed modules, businesses get the freedom of showing or arranging their content based on popularity, category etc. More so, it makes editing in general, and front-end editing in particular, an extremely easy and quick task.

The best part is, it does not require any logging in to the admin section to edit content as changes can be done on the front-end itself. And with its content versioning feature, it becomes easy to know who made the changes to the content and for what purpose. In a sense, a great deal of freedom is delivered to business on the front of a content.

With so many helpful features to get, your website should benefit from Joomla website development to gain a competitive edge in the market and give a boost to the ROI. More so, you get a wonderful opportunity of slashing your web development cost by a big margin to give revenue growth a big fillip. And when all such advantages are available, your business stands to grow and expand its base.

In overall, Joomla is what your business should invest in as its features are business-specific and it can deliver a total transformation. So, take a sensible decision and a right step forward!

How to Set Up Your Own Website

Nowadays, it is a quite ordinary thing to have an own website, everyone is having their own website. But is it too easy to have a website for everyone. The prospect of building your own website can be a scary, especially when you don’t know about its involvement and how to go about it. It can be scary for them who don’t have any initial knowledge. It is not complicated at all to develop your own website.

You just need to know follow some essential steps to start your website, these steps are the roots of your business to get started, it includes –

Get Your Domain Name

First all you need to register a domain name before anything else. Getting a domain name, is nothing much, it’s just a website name what you want to give a website. You need to pay an annual fee for the domain name registration, registering a domain name means to purchase the right to use the name. This is the address of the site on the internet where this resource is located.

Choosing a Web Host

Getting a domain name brings you to a web host. Hosting involves housing, serving, and maintaining files. A web host generally gives somewhere to reside your website. A web host is a company that has many computers connected to the internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, everyone can see these web pages. These computers are the servers; anyone can connect with it and can view these pages and download the information as well. It is a costs money for providing such services, so it is an on- going cost. There is a lot of choice available. But it’s not that whatever the cost price is told by the company, you will accept it and proceed, you should take a glance of the feedback by the customers, which can help you.

Building your website

When it comes to the design and development of your website, you have two options to do it by yourself and hire some company or developer. There so many tools and templates are available on the internet like WYSIWYG, this kind of editor let you design without having knowledge of coding. You can design by yourself, but it has a lack of customization. Better option is to hire a company or a developer(s) they can help you the way you want your website.

Tips for effective web design.

How to Assure Quality in Your Website to Boost Traffic

Quality may be defined as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service which bear on its ability to satisfy a given need. The main technique for achieving quality is the website review or walk-through with the aim to inspect the loopholes which affect the overall functioning of the website and in turn may distract the users and hence negatively influence the traffic.

So, it becomes immensely significant that the website is developed in such a way that it is not only able to achieve the business objectives, but also attain traction of the users and hence convert them into potential customers thereby maximizing the return on investment.

The design process converts the ”what” of the requirements to the ”how” of the design. The results of the design phase should be a document that has sufficient detail to allow the system to be implemented without further interaction with the webmaster.

A formal inspection is a formal, scheduled process where a web designer presents material about a design and a selected group of peers evaluates the technical aspects of the design. Some of the distinct features of such a review include but are not restricted to the use of knowledgeable peers, inclusion of the peer who produced the design, inspection of a completed product with the purpose to find defects etc.

During the inspection, the website owner selects the team, oversees the inspection, and reports the results. A PHP developer or a web designer (whichever part of the project is being scrutinized) guides the team through the website during the inspection meeting. A recorder maintains the records of the inspection and accurately reports each defect while the individual who originally developed the website, i.e., the PHP developer answers questions during the inspection. The developer is also responsible for correcting any problems identified in the inspection. He or she then reports the corrections to the website owner.

A website’s inspection is initiated when the PHP developer responsible for the development of the website satisfies the entrance criteria. The developer acquaints the rest of the inspection team with the product to be inspected. The members of the inspection team review the website in accordance with a predefined checklist while a moderator supervises the inspection meeting. The recorder makes a complete record of issues raised. Any team member may produce a minority report if there is a disagreement. The issues highlighted in the report are reviewed and rectified by the PHP developer. Finally, the website owner or the webmaster reviews the website and will give the go ahead signal. If not satisfied, the webmaster will order yet another re-inspection.

As mentioned above, with the advancements in the modern technology, it has become extremely tough for businesses to thrive in this competitive environment without being ahead of the curve. So, utmost care has to be undertaken with your responsive website so that you do not lose even a single person out of your potential clientele. Your website has to be able to satisfy the needs of the users and gain their attraction. Even a small weakness can prove to be fatal!

Web Maintenance Best Practices

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is the technology bound creative design strategy that keeps a website lively and rich in both technology and content. This approach ensures a reliable functioning and accuracy of your website. Emending defective links and images; and performing an overall assessment of the site ensures its role in projecting your business strategies.

It is a good practice to review your site at least once a month. Giving a bit care for some very important points that you should check while dealing with site maintenance contributes well in retaining the site standards. Date sensitive contents like date announcement and upcoming events should be updated and highlighted and should be removed after the date or the deadline. Similarly, functional elements of your websites such as contact us forms, e-commerce and databases need to be checked to ensure that they are functioning properly. Links to other sites or external links on your site has to be taken care with utmost importance so as to make sure that the sites that are linking to is live and ensure that the link location is correct. Reviewing all the pages on your site will help in ensuring the proper functioning of all the links in the navigation bar(s). Always, make sure the correctness of structural elements on all pages and ensure that the images are displayed properly on all pages.

Take a notes of the important factors that are to be considered in the site maintenance when you review the site as the first step. You can save some subsequent times by not having to look around for the functional elements, external links and other hidden minute details that are to be taken care in your maintenance activity.

Keeping up with technology is very important while dealing with site maintenance. Website Maintenance involves keeping a site updated in technology. Review the sites of your competitors and make a list of what you find would be a good option for your website and discuss your list with a professional developer. It helps in getting an idea to quote a budget and new functionality; which in turn can bring a spark to an already existing website.

What is the relevance of website maintenance?

People normally visit a website several times before deciding to make a purchase or to do business with that company. People always prefer fresh content and always ignore old content and a stagnant site; imparting a bad name to the business. Since your website is often the first thing your customers see, links and images can be more important.

If you look at your site and find it is more than just the content that does not accurately represent your business, you may consider a rebuild or a new site. Before you get too involved in a large project, get some input from others.

Finally, if you do not have a tool for the day-to-day updates or a professional site; I suggest using the best website maintenance strategies.

If you are looking for a professional and economical site maintenance service, you may contact BishopWebWorks, the Denver Web Development company for a satisfactory result.

The Real Importance of Web Development Services

In this digital age we live in, no business can survive well without a website. Because it is essential, you’ll find plenty of ways to develop and design them through profession web development services.

A successful web presence allows new businesses to strive and survive in the competitive market. Because a website is your online business, it is very important to pay attention to every little detail once you develop. Whatever impression your website gives out is going to leave a mark on your business. Sadly, a number of websites when developed score high when it comes to visual appeal. However, they fail to engage the users.

If you’re running a new business, here are some reasons a good website is so vital to your business.

1. Reaching Potential Customers

If you’ve managed to develop a good website, this is ultimately your avenue to attract new customer towards your business. This is particularly helpful because as a new business, your website will always promote when you’re not able to do it yourself.

Through the involvement of social media, a good website is one of the finest ways to attract new customers to the business. This is the first step to establishment that would help you to survive successfully in the market.

2. Create Brand Awareness

The goals of a new business in the initial stages are merely to create the correct brand awareness. Realistically, the profit expectations are lowered because the business is still trying to be known in the market.

This is where a great website plays the key role. Even when the people are leisurely reading the content on your website, this helps them to know there are new services in the market.

Because a website leaves ever lasting impressions, developers need to pay special attention to the design and content of the website.

3. Speedy Communication

You can’t be everywhere, despite all the best efforts you put in. Why would you need to make the effort when you’ve developed a functional website?

The fast-track communication that can be enjoyed through the website is one of the finest ways to establish and build lifelong relationships. Feedback forms, reviews, comments and newsletters help you to connect with the customers in the best way. This also helps to solve issues the earliest possible without the customer making the hassle to find you in person.

4. Direct Reflection of Principles

Your website is going to be the ultimate business card and so much more. This gives you all the more reasons to plan it in depth and reflect all your goals and ambitions through the functional website.

Arguably, whatever you present on the website reflects your business. Since most of the clients won’t visit you in person, a good website is going to create all the best impressions for your business.

If it appears professional, customers are likely to view your business in the same dimension. If it isn’t friendly for the users, it is likely to have adverse affects on your business. Carefully planning and professional services can help you to devise the perfect website for your company.

5. Reach Global Markets

Expansion is an important business goal for any entrepreneur. Luckily, websites allow you to expand to the global markets in the best way. You may be doing excellent in the local market, but what’s better than to get orders from all corners of the globe?

Some Reasons To Create Your Own Website

To grow in this competitive world, the first thing you need to do is create your own brand in the national and international market. For this, you need to create your company’s website. By creating your own website, you will able to come to know from your customers or even with your competitors. In today’s time, a website is a medium to connect with your customers.

If you create a website then you are able to sell your products worldwide, which really help to grow your business. This may also help you to attract customers from all over the world which increases your sale and profits as well. No matter, you have a big or a small organization a website is a must for you to excel in this competitive world. There are some reasons to create your website are as follows.

24 Hours Access: One of the major reasons to create your website is that it earns for your business even when you sleep. This is because your site is always on and customers can place their order anytime 24 hours 7 days, so you can even earn when you sleep. It is good for a business person and beneficial for customers as well because if they want to buy something they don’t need to wait till the time a store gets open.

Save Money: Creating your website is not as much expensive as you may think. It’s a one-time investment for your business and gives you good result in the future or in a lifetime. It’s a convenient way to promote your business worldwide.

Global Access: Another important reason to create your own website is that it has a global access. So you are able to sell your products or services in the national and international market as well.

Increase your Goodwill: If you have a company’s own website it may not only help you to give business from all over the world but also make your reputation in this competitive world.

Save Time: Providing complete information individually to each and every person in front or on call takes time. By creating a website this work gets simpler because the complete information about products or services is easily available on it.

Increase Sales and Revenue: As you can easily get in contact with your customer from all over the world, so it may help to increase your sales and profits which result to grow your business.

The Best Website Builder Software Exposed

The Best Website Builder Software: I frequently hear the question, “What is the best website builder software out there?”

I will show in a moment with a short story which is the best and why, but first, remember this:

    • Certainly, using the best website builder software available allows anyone to build a successful business online. The internet is free to all and your internet connection can be correctly thought of as the on ramp to personal security and contentment. Anyone, anywhere that uses and learns how a good website builder package operates definitely has access to the biggest, richest market that has ever existed. Anyone with ambition can make their dreams come true.
    • Obviously, if you truly do have ambition, you have tried and failed, perhaps many times. The web is saturated with snake oil salesmen, get rich quick gurus, liars and cheats. You haven’t failed.
    • Some people try to make doing business on the internet look like rocket science. It is not and software now is easy to use. The biggest problem is that a lot of these comments come from someone we love. This makes the comments more believable and powerful.
    • If your mind is reeling right now from all the hype, the conflicting stories and smoke screens set up by the scam artists, take a break. Relax and take a deep breath.Try to put everything aside for a moment and just stop.
  • We are going to blow all those smoke screens away and turn the mirrors of deceit away from you. We will take a sniper’s aim at all that and point you in the right direction. Ambition and work will still be required, but great results will be yours.

The best way to relate what the best website builder software must do for you is for me to put it all into a short story that happens millions of times every day.

How my friend Mary became successful using the best website builder:

Mary in Idaho loves little dogs and she has dreamed for a long time of building a website on her favorite small breed which is the mighty Chihuahua. She knows enough about the internet to send email and do some texting, but she has no idea of how to build a website and what to do after she has one up and running.

First, Mary had to do some research. How many people a month around the world make queries about Chihuahuas? Is there a search term that is more often used than others? Are there many different things about the little dogs that people want to know about?

Mary has found software that has access to the search engines and is easy for her to use. Most search engines have these programs, but they are heavily focused on their being able to sell you advertising.

She had been worrying about what to call her site. Does the title really matter all that much?

Next, she had to decide on something to sell. She had no money to buy inventory and she didn’t want to quit her job until her make money online from home business could replace her income from her job.

The best website builder software didn’t just offer simple tools to put a site together. It gave in depth education and experience much like a science class in high school where classroom theory was reinforced with hands on experiments.

Mary followed the instructions carefully and she learned about affiliate marketing. She could become a commission sales person for any number of companies including huge ones like Amazon.

Now she could build a virtual inventory as large as she wanted without investing a cent of her own.

She very quickly started putting together her website using everything she had learned. She quickly learned to attract a flood of free traffic from the search engines. As time went by, it became the highlight of her week when she could find new products she could become an affiliate for.

Mary started with Chihuahua clothes and then she found safety car seats for Chihuahuas to sell. Amazon offered her all kinds of help setting up a store on her site because they could see she knew what she was doing.

She was soon selling training videos for her little furry friends. She loves doing research on new subjects to cover on her site pages. To make things really easy for her and to help her build a big list of fellow Chihuahua lovers she could build a relationship with and sell to, she learned all about email marketing and how it could be a life changer for her.

Innovative Web Development Approaches to Boost Business

In the ongoing age, electronic commerce has gained insurmountable prominence. This situation has prompted virtual entities of websites to turn into the most effective tool to steer businesses to higher levels of success. Corporate enterprises irrespective of existing business scope or industrial sector invest into launching their own online portals. However, just having a website these days does not guarantee success in generating higher volumes of business. Internet users everywhere around the globe expects smooth browsing experience across websites before converting into online customers.

Thus, web portals that are inadequate in providing that seamless web experience to online visitors, invariably experience low conversion rate. As it happens often, visitors exit a website immediately after landing there, increasing its bounce rate. So, web portals have to provide exactly what consumers are looking for. In order to improve the conversion rate, websites need to impress visitors and keep them captivated longer.

In this context the factors of a website’s layout, color, fonts and images become relevant. All these factors contribute collectively in identifying between impressive and inferior online portals. The task of developing an efficient website is an art in itself. As the fundamental step, it is crucial to design a polished and professional logo. Designing an ideal logo is actually the perfect blend of aesthetic with professional approach. Linking the logo to the portal’s homepage makes it more convenient for visitors to navigate the site. Experienced web development service providers leave no stone unturned to deliver competent websites and enhance business for their clients.

Navigation is another vital factor to create superior websites. Usually, options for basic navigation of online portals are placed horizontally on the menu bar along the top. Secondary navigation options are placed either underneath the primary navigation bar or in the left margin of a webpage, which is also called side bar. Confusing navigation layouts invariably harass visitors. Placing links to less a crucial webpage end up in distracting visitors from the call to action. It even drives them away from accessing primary information. Websites have to be informative but including excess of graphics, animation, and video files distract visitors from the fundamental philosophy of a website.

To avoid this negativity, professional website development companies emphasize upon minimizing as well as eliminating clutter. The secret is to provide visitors with ample breathing space. In order to achieve the aspect, controlling whitespace through proper layout actually keeps visitors focused on the content. This inadvertently helps to keep visitors confined to online portals for longer. Both desktop and mobile web designing aspects are competing bitterly to provide better visual experience to users. Even strategic application of colors proves helpful in reducing bounce rate and increasing conversion for an online portal. Choosing the right fonts that are equally comfortable for readers across cross-device platforms also prove helpful on the given context. Using generic graphic designs on a web portal creates generic impression about it to visitors. Thus, efficient web designers steadfastly use professional photographs to create positive and deeper impression among visitors.